School Contact Information

City Springs School
100 S. Caroline Street
Baltimore, MD  21231 

Main Building Numbers
Phone : 410-396-9165
Fax : 410-396-9113

Early Learning Center Numbers
Phone : 443-642-2152
IEP Office: 410-642-2155

BCPSS School Number: 008

School Leadership

Dr. Rhonda Richetta, Principal:
Ms. Randi Delone, Assistant Principal:
Mr. Robert Summers, Assistant Principal:

Contact a Staffmember

Staff are listed alphabetically by last name:


Last Name, First NameDepartmentContact
Aguila, Scott Teacher – Early Childhood
Akselrod, Margaret Speech Therapist
Alt, Christa Teacher – Elementary
Anderson, Shauna Teacher – Elementary
Arechar, Xenia Teacher – Elementary
Bartholme, Elizabeth Teacher – Elementary
Berlin, Samantha Teacher – Elementary
Berry, Stanley BCP Staff
Blue, Latonya
Brimley, Lakesha BCP Staff
Buckless, William Health & Athletic Department
Butler, Donnetta BCP Staff
Byers, Clifton Paraeducator
Clayborn, Lara Art with a Heart Staff
Collick, Ahmad Child First Community School Coordinator
Colvin, Joyce Paraeducator
Crawley, Meisha Paraeducator
Davis, Kara Teacher – Early Childhood
DeVos, Andy IT Coordinator
Doherty, Laura BCP President & CEO
Fetting-Smith, Carey BCP Staff
Foster-Williams, Gloria Teacher – Secondary
Gagnier, Elena Teacher – Special Education
Garrish, Emily Teacher – Elementary
Garrison, Kyle Paraeducator
Gartrell, Brad Music Teacher
Giorgilli, Lee Ann
Glewwe, Dorothy Teacher – Elementary
Goldschmidt, Adena Occupational Therapist
Graves, Ramona Team Support Paraprofessional
Hagemann, Jennifer Teacher – Elementary
Heck, Robert BCP Staff
Henderson, Sharone Paraeducator
Hessler, Karen Teacher – Elementary
Hicks, Stacy Academic Coach/BCP Staff
Hodgetts, Drue School Nurse
Hughes, Sonja Teacher – Secondary
Jackson, Nadine Teacher – Special Education
Jackson,Wanda Team Support Paraprofessional
Johnson, Tammy Assistant – Non-Instructional
Kahn, Brenda BCP Staff
Key, Tiffany Academic Coach/Staff Developer
Konig, Ashley ESOL Teacher
Lee, Karla Teacher – Secondary
LeFrancois, Nicole Teacher – Early Childhood
Livers, Jade BCP Staff
Lumayog, Cleofe Teacher – Special Education
Lynch, Tanika Teacher – Elementary
Marks, Ann JHU Mental Health Professional

Mattos, Sarah Social Worker
McGee, Tavon Teacher – Secondary/Athletic Director
McGill, John BCP Director of Academic Affairs
McGuire, Kellie Teacher – Elementary
Mencer, Reggie Health & Physical Education Teacher

Moore, Valerie Social Worker
Nebbia, Karl Social Worker
Oroke, Wyatt Teacher – Secondary
Patterson, Anthony Teacher – Secondary
Peacock, Allyson Teacher – Elementary
Pieters, Meghan Teacher – Elementary
Porter, Tia Paraeducator
Pullen, Eddie BCP Staff
Robinson, Brooke BCP Staff
Rodowsky, Zoe Librarian
Rossi, Mallory Teacher – Early Childhood
Ruffin, Jamal BCP Staff
Shiflett, Shannon Paraeducator
Smith, Alicia Teacher – Elementary
Stevenson, Devin Staff Developer/Test Coordinator
Stewart, Charlene Paraeducator
Tapley, Chantay Cafeteria Manager
Toulson, Janae Academic Coach/Staff Developer
Veon, Laura School Psychologist
Vessells, Allen Teacher – Elementary
Ward, Everett Paraeducator
Wells, Lauren Teacher – General & Special Education
West, Rachel Teacher – Early Childhood
Whetzel, Donna IEP Chair
Whitaker, Sheena Teacher – General & Special Education
Wible, Krista School Counselor