City Springs has been standing in the community as a pillar of strength and hope for over 50 years. Recently, we learned that one of our communities will be transformed and we will be getting a new school building as part of the Choice Neighborhood Grant Program. We are excited to play a leadership and supportive role through this transformation process and that City Springs will continue to be a mainstay of our community. We are also excited that with the new school building our students and teachers in our early learning center (ELC) and our main building will be able to come back together again under one roof.

Great things are happening at City Springs. We continue our strong focus on sports, the arts, the use of technology for every student, and rigorous, effective curricula, such as Singapore Math, Core Knowledge and Direct Instruction. Our motto is, “It’s not a color. It’s an attitude!” We explicitly teach the eight attributes of “The City Springs’ Attitude”- Respectful, Disciplined, Resilient, Focused, Cooperative, Empathy, Integrity, Pride. Along with these attributes, we teach our students the “Seven Habits of Happy Kids” developed by the Franklin Covey Foundation. In developing our students to possess these attributes and habits, we know we are preparing them for a fruitful life beyond City Springs, which is the true measure of our success.

City Springs is a nurturing and restorative school with high academic standards and expectations for behavior. We believe that our school should be a place where children experience academic success, develop their character, and feel the joy of learning. Our committed and talented teachers and staff work hard every day with an intentional focus on preparing students for future success in college or career.

We are pleased to be a community school and have Child First Authority as our partner. I welcome and encourage all parents to play a key role in the education of your child. Please come to school often to participate in the daily morning assembly, volunteer in the cafeteria, assist your child’s teacher, or take part in other parent activities, both during school and after school. We appreciate our parents for getting our students to school every day, on time, ready to learn. Excellent student attendance and academic achievement go hand in hand. We cannot teach them if they are not here! Please become a member of the PTO and have a voice in the decision-making for our school. I look forward to working together to educate and nurture our children.

City Springs is very fortunate to be a neighborhood school that is also a charter school, and even more so to have the Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) as our charter operator. As part of the leadership of the school, BCP supports me in providing outstanding professional development for teachers and provides additional resources that we would not have without BCP. I am positive that the growth in academics and character that your child will experience while here at City Springs Elementary/Middle School will be carried with him or her for the rest of his or her life. I have high hopes to realize a vision for City Springs that is shared by parents, teachers, students, and community members. Welcome to City Springs, a very special, extraordinary school!