About Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge is a language arts curriculum that covers what every child should know about literature, history, mathematics, science, and the visual arts. On any given day, students in Core Knowledge might hear classic fables and fairy tales, explore animal habitats, or learn about ancient civilizations.

The Core Knowledge Approach

The Core Knowledge approach puts knowledge at the heart of schooling. Most curriculum standards provide general goals and objectives but offer teachers little guidance about the specific knowledge students should learn in each grade. In contrast, the Core Knowledge approach is to specify, in a clear grade-by-grade sequence, what students need to know. Only by specifying the knowledge and skills that all children should share can we guarantee equal access to that knowledge. Educational excellence and equity require that every child in a democracy have access to important shared knowledge and language.

It’s important to begin building strong foundations of knowledge in the early years. Therefore, all students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade at City Springs Core Knowledge participate in Core Knowledge every day. In these early years, schools can do the most to help children lay the groundwork for language development and future success.

To learn more about Core Knowledge please visit their web site here.