We believe that the home and community should contribute to the successful development of our students. We invite our parents to share in this vision. Read on for more information about how you can help your child develop an education for life.

ACC (Early Learning Center)

Mr. Aguila –University of Miami

Mrs. LeFrancois –Boston College

Mrs. Parker –University of North Carolina

 Ms. Kwairkowski –Syracuse University

Mrs. Glewwe –University of Louisville

Mrs. Bartholme –Wake Forest University

Ms. Peacock –University of Notre Dame

Ivy League (2nd & 3rd Grade)

Mrs. Alt –Yale University

Ms. Anderson –Princeton University   

Ms. Garrish –Harvard University  

Mrs. Barrell-Cornell University

Ms. Whitaker –Columbia University

Southeastern ( 4th & 5th Grade)

Mrs. Berlin –University of Georgia

Mr. Nebbia—University of Florida

PAC 12 (4th & 5th Grade)

Ms. Smith –University of California-Berkley

Ms. Hornbeck –Stanford University

Dr. Lee –University of California (UCLA)

Big 10 (6th Grade)

Ms. McGuire –Ohio State University

Mr. Ford- Penn State

Ms. Jackson –Michigan State University

Mr. McGee –University of Michigan

MEAC/C (7th & 8th Grade)

Mr. Oroke –Howard University

Ms. Hughes –Johns Hopkins University

Mr. Patterson –Hampton University

Mr. Pullen –Coppin State University

Ms. Gagnier –University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Resource Team

Mr. Gartrell –University of Delaware

Ms. Rodowsky –Towson University

Support StafF


Ms. Fernandez-School Counselor

Ms.Mitchell-Social Worker

Ms.Weismann-Social Worker

Ms.Anne Marks-Counselor

Ms.Catanin-Speech & Language therapist 

Ms.Archear-ESOL teacher

Mr. Berry-Behavioral Specialist


Dr.Richetta-School’s Principal 

Ms.Delone-Assistant Principal

Mr.Summers-Assistant Principal

Ms.Toulson-Assistant Principal