Preparing Your Child for Success in School

Once children are ready to enter school, parents and guardians have questions about how to assist them in their educational success. The following suggestions may be useful for families who want some specific ideas.

The involvement of parents, guardians and other family members is very important for children to be successful in school, even as early as pre-kindergarten. If you start setting high and positive expectations for your child at an early age he/she will continue to follow your example throughout their lives. Children seek good role models in their lives. 

Parents and guardians can assist their child by providing:

  • Healthy food choices
  • Inspiration, encouragement, communication
  • Positive models of behavior
  • Love
  • Support 
  • High expectations
  • Understanding
  • Praise
  • Stability
  • Daily routines

Parents and guardians can support their child by:

  • Stressing the importance of getting a good education
  • Helping educators understand the child’s uniqueness
  • Participating in the educational decision-making process
  • Sharing in the important decisions that affect your child
  • Participating in the Parent Teacher Organization
  • Serving on decision making committees and other school-based parent organizations
  • Sharing the good things your child does with others
  • Ensuring your child has good attendance
  • Helping your child with their homework every night
  • Signing your child’s point sheet daily
  • Working as a team with teachers and administrators to achieve our goals

Parents and guardians, please help us teach children the 8 Attributes of the City Springs Attitude.