Entering the School

For the safety of children, our morning arrival procedures are as follows.  It is unsafe for our children to enter the building in the morning from the parking lot while vehicles are also moving through this area. Therefore, we use the entrance on Caroline Street for morning arrival. Please direct your children to walk to school using the sidewalks, NOT the parking lot.

If you are dropping off children in the morning either on foot or in vehicles, please DO NOT come through the parking lot. All drop-offs must happen on Caroline Street. Please note that the arrival doors will be the same for elementary and middle school students. However, our older students who eat breakfast in the classroom will be asked to stay to the left when they enter the building and move up the stairs to their designated classrooms. Students who eat in the cafeteria will stay to the right and move directly to the cafeteria.

Breakfast Program

Since breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, we encourage all students to participate in City Spring’s breakfast program. Students who participate in the breakfast program are admitted into the building at 8:15AM. Students who come to school before 8:15 will have to wait outside until the correct time.

Morning Assembly

The City Springs Morning Assembly takes place every school day at 8:48 am. Announcements are made, teachers brag about individual students who have done well or classes who have made progress, classes demonstrate what they have learned and the entire school recites the City Springs School Pledge. We feel is a great way to start our day!


At 3:25 p.m. students are escorted by their teachers for dismissal. Students are dismissed on Caroline Street. We ask that parents do not stand in front of the doors. Please meet your child at the designated spot for his or her class.

Delayed Opening

If there is severe weather and it is announced on radio and television that Baltimore City Public Schools are opening late, students should report at these times:

  • One hour late: students report at 9:15 AM. Breakfast is 9:15-9:45 AM.
  • Two hours late: students report at 10:15 AM. Breakfast is 10:15-10:45 AM.