Grade Reports and Conferences

Progress Reports are for students in grades Pre-K through 8 and will always be sent home with the students. Report Cards will be sent home with the children; we will not mail report cards. Please see our schoolwide calendar for dates and times of Parent/Teacher Conferences or reach out to your child’s teacher to set up a conference. Parents and guardians are expected to attend the Parent/Teacher Conferences. This is an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the child’s progress, address any concerns, and share information about the child. These conferences are now being held half-way through the marking period rather than at the end of the marking period, so parents can be informed of possible failure, and so parents and teachers can work together to ensure that students succeed. Parents are expected to attend all conference dates.

For a schedule of all report cards and parent/teacher conferences, please visit our schoolwide calendar.

Retention Policy

During the school year, parents and guardians will receive on-going communication from the school concerning the academic performance of their child. Parents are encouraged to meet with school staff to discuss this information so that your children can make the necessary progress. If a child has not made sufficient progress or is not functioning on or above grade level, the principal or teacher will notify the parent or guardian that their child is being considered for retention in his/her current grade and may not be promoted to the next grade. It is important for parents/guardians to attend ALL progress conferences in order for them to find out ways to help their child be successful before the END of the school year.

Although teachers do recognize good progress and work habits in the classroom, students who are not functioning on grade level, can not receive a satisfactory grade or better on their report card, and these children may be in danger of retention if adequate progress is not made in order for them to be successful in the next grade. Please know that our goal is always to have children who are functioning below their grade level moved to on or above grade level as quickly as possible.