CHAMPS in the Elementary School

CHAMPS is an acronym that teachers use to communicate behavioral and academic expectations with students in the school building throughout the day. Here is a breakdown of each letter:

  • Conversation – Student used academic talk in conversation, allowed teacher to teach and all students to learn, spoke respectfully to staff and peers, spoke at an appropriate voice level, used correct grammar in conversations and responded to the “My Turn” signal.
  • Help – Student asked for help in an on-task way and helped promote an academic culture of learning.
  • Activity – Student engaged actively, completed work to the classroom expectation and finished work on time.
  • Movement – Student followed movement, position and transition expectations to maximize instructional time. (All transitions that take place during class time fall under this category, such as class changes and bathroom breaks.)
  • Participation – Student participated cooperatively and actively within group.
  • Success – Student earns a success stamp if the expectations in 4 out of 5 CHAMP categories are met.

Becoming a CHAMP for the Week

In order for students to participate in sports or attend field trips, they must be a CHAMP for the week. Every student will have the opportunity to become eligible for the next week by being a “CHAMP” in the next week for 4 out of 5 days.