We Promise…

Each morning, our students gather in the auditorium to hear announcements, share good things happening in their classrooms, and recite the City Springs Pledge:

We promise to find out how good we can be in everything we attempt. 

We will not allow anyone or anything to be an obstacle in our development. 

We will come to school on time, every day, alert and willing to work effectively. 

We will be respectful, disciplined, resilient, focused, cooperative, show empathy, have integrity, and pride. 

We will keep our strong sides activated, and this will allow us to use feedback to become better, stronger and smarter, because improving is our goal.

And remember, boys and girls, staff members and parents, we must synergize…because nothingnothingnothing will stop us from finding out how good we can be! 

Accept this challenge today, tomorrow and every school day!