We Believe…

We believe that all students have talents and can learn through a variety of instructional experiences. We believe that Direct Instruction, Singapore Math, and Core Knowledge are the best ways for our children to learn. These instructional programs provide strategies in order for our students to master core skills. Once a solid foundation is in place, instruction connects concepts and builds skills to ensure mastery.

We also believe that all students are unique in ways that should be addressed through in-school and extracurricular programs that develop life skills, encourage leadership qualities, foster self-motivation, and promote success.

We further believe that the home and community should contribute to the total development of our students. We need YOU to share in our vision to help us develop an education for life for our students.

We realize that we can only achieve our goals by addressing the needs of our students. Each student needs a classroom that exemplifies the best in learning and positive human relationships. They need a place where they will find success and meet high expectations in the areas of academic performance and citizenship. They need excellent attendance, opportunities to develop their leadership skills, and experiences that prepare them for career or college.