Our Scholar-Athlete Vision

City Springs wants to improve student achievement, school attendance, and student health and wellness through athletics. We want to decrease rates of obesity and other health conditions caused by unhealthy eating and negative attitudes towards physical activity. We want the coach/athlete bond to become a powerful mentoring relationship that will positively change attitudes towards school attendance, academic success, and self-care.

Many of our students are highly motivated to participate in athletics. We will use this desire to ensure that student achievement improves and that students set academic achievement goals and personal standards that exceed their present goals and standards.

Athletics: Part of a Well-Rounded Education

For our students who are not athletic, we will encourage them to join other activities such as debate, instrumental music, leadership development programs, or drama. We will also use their motivation and mentoring relationships to promote positive attitudes about school attendance, academic success, and healthy eating and exercise.

City Springs believes that this vision of a scholar-athlete school will not only improve current personal health and wellness, culture, and academic achievement of our school, but will also have an amazing effect on the lives of our students. Their futures will be different because of our efforts. They will grow up having leadership qualities, skills, and competencies that will serve as “tickets” to college or career. They will also become healthy adults who will not contribute to the ever-growing obesity rate in this country. To this vision, and to our students, we are committed.

Click here to see our current athletic programs. Also, please review our athletic policy for more about our scholar-athlete vision.