What are Celebrations?

Celebrations of Learning are a big deal at City Springs! Our students work hard all year to accomplish the goals set for them, and twice a year each class gets the opportunity to celebrate their progress. Celebrations of Learning aren’t just some boring lecture or presentation. Students show what they know to parents and staff through a variety of exciting activities like games and dramatic readings, and each Celebration ends with a feast of good food and sweet treats!

The first Celebration will take place in December to demonstrate some of the academic skills learned since the beginning of the school year. The second Celebration in May/June will be a culmination of all skills acquired since August. Invitations will be sent home the week before with a scheduled date and the exact time.

It is very important to send your child to school everyday so that he or she does not miss any topics that will be covered in their Celebration. Please make sure to show your support by coming to view both Celebrations. The children LOVE to show off for their parents! It is your support that motivates our students to come to school and do their very best. So, when your child’s celebration rolls around, please attend!