Our School Resources

City Springs offers a variety of in-house resources in order to meet the diverse educational needs of our students.

Data Analysis Team

The Data Analysis Team is made up of our academic coaches (teacher trainers), charter school operator, our curriculum consultant, and our principal. They meet weekly to review data, discuss student academic progress, and discuss other school improvement issues. Decisions are made based on student data submitted weekly by teachers. Weekly data is also reviewed by teachers to improve student performance. Please feel free to bring any issues concerning your child or the school to a member of our team.

Note: Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP) is our charter operator.

Student Intervention Team

The Student Intervention Team consists of the Assistant Principal (serving as chairperson), School Counselor, Social Worker, Mental Health Clinician, and the Restorative Practices Team. This team meets regularly to review teacher data and discuss intervention strategies for students who may need additional support.

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) consists of the School Counselor (serving as chairperson), Social Worker, Mental Health Clinician, Nurse Practitioner, Assistant Principal, teachers and possibly other school staff. The Student Support Team:

  • Provides teachers and staff members with ideas, interventions and techniques to promote academic success. 
  • Addresses social, emotional and academic problems that interfere with school success.
  • Educates parents regarding strategies which will help their child meet their goals
  • Makes referrals to the Special Education Team if they suspect that a child may have a disability.
  • Discuss retention if retention is recommended. The parent and the teacher of the students who have been appropriately referred are also present at the meeting. 

Special Education Team

Sometimes it is suspected that a child has a disability and may need extra help with academics, speech, and/or as social/emotional development. Any parent or guardian who suspects their child may have a disability should discuss these concerns with the classroom teacher who can make specific recommendations or referrals. Ideally, students should always be referred to the Student Support Team (SST) first, before being referred for Special Education Services. It is preferred that the SST makes all referrals to the Special Education Team.

In cases where a referral for special education services may be necessary, parents, guardians, teachers or other individuals who are concerned about a child will meet with the Special Education Team. The Special Education Team is responsible for ensuring that each child with a disability will receive a free and appropriate public education in their least restrictive environment.

The Special Education Team is made up of an IEP process manager, general educators, a psychologist, speech and language pathologist, social worker, special educator and administrator. The team is responsible for admitting qualifying students by performing assessments and evaluating students that may qualify for special education services.