Learning About Animal Homes

As part of their Core Knowledge curriculum, the students in Ms. Peacock’s class recently learned about different habitats. They first learned that “habitat” means the natural home or environment of an animal or plant. Next, the explored habitats as diverse as the frozen Arctic, the Sonoran Desert, tropical rainforests, and temperate deciduous forests. They also discussed the differences between saltwater and freshwater habitats, discovering the different animal and plant life found in these two habitats and examining ways that organisms have adapted in order to survive.

The students also expanded their vocabulary as they learned about the differences among animals classified as carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Animals classified as carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants, while omnivores eat both. In addition, the students explored the food chain and discussed different types of predators and prey. To present their knowledge on the topics that they learned, they created diagrams of different animals and plants in their natural habitats!