Different Kinds of Families

Core Knowledge is a language arts curriculum that covers what every child should know about literature, history, mathematics, science, and the visual arts. On any given day, students in Core Knowledge might hear classic fables and fairy tales, explore animal habitats, or learn about ancient civilizations.

It’s important to begin building strong foundations of knowledge in the early years, so the students in Mr. Aguila and Ms. Porter’s Pre-K class participate in Core Knowledge every day. Recently, the students began a Core Knowledge lesson on family and community as part of their All About Me unit. They learned the meaning of the word “family,” discussed family structures, and explored the differences among family members. For example, they learned about the difference between a brother and a sister. The students loved identifying the different members of their family and enjoyed learning more about their classmates’ families.

To close out the lesson, Mr. Aguila made a graph showing the number of family members that each student has. Students discovered that some families are big, some are small, and some are in between. They loved learning about the variety of families!