Making Math Fun

One of the best ways to learn something new is to make if fun! In Ms. Hagemann’s math class, the students are learning about data analysis as part of their Singapore Math instruction. They are discovering how to gather and represent numerical data in the form of picture graphs, bar graphs, and line graphs.

Presenting numerical data in a graph doesn’t sound very exciting, so Ms. Hagemann made it fun by designing a Halloween-related math activity where students got to vote for their favorite candy. Each student was given a jack-o-lantern paper cutout, which acted as their “voting ballot.” Next, the students were presented with a large bar graph with a selection of candy options and stuck their jack-o-lanterns onto the column of their favorite candy of choice. Following the activity, the class completed the graph by counting up the votes and representing the data on the chart. The results of the voting were posted in the hallway outside of Ms. Hagemann’s room so that other students can see the data and compare it to their own candy preferences!