Integrating Technology into the Classroom

At City Springs, we do not want technology to be a resource class that students take once a week. Instead, we strive to integrate technology into the daily instructional life of the school. In fact, thanks to a generous donation by CareFirst, nearly all classrooms have a technology cart assigned to them with enough devices for each student to use when one is needed.

For example, Ms. Hagemann’s students have a class set of iPad 6’s assigned to their room that they use for a variety of educational activities. One of their favorites is an app called Rocket Math, an educational program that trains students in core addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Every day for 5 minutes, the students practice on Rocket Math right before math class to get their minds warmed up and ready to think mathematically. Best of all, Rocket Math is teaching Ms. Hagemann’s students to do basic “mental math” accurately and quickly.

All teachers and students at City Springs routinely use technology as an educational tool in their school day. Ms. Hagemann’s students offer just one example of this, and thanks to Rocket Math, they are showing progress in both their arithmetic skills and their enjoyment of math!