Making Progress Through Goal-Setting

Goal setting is a useful tool when it comes to tracking our progress or pushing ourselves to succeed. It gives us a clear idea of the things that we would like to achieve, as well as the steps that we should take to achieve those things. At City Springs, we encourage our students to set goals for themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.

The 5th and 6th graders in Ms. Gagnier’s class have set a goal of closing the gap between their current level and the grade level towards which they are working. To meet this goal, they have been studying two math units at once! In one unit, they are solving word problems using multiplication and division. In the other unit, they are learning how to solve addition and subtraction problems using mental math (doing math problems in your head) with the help of their understanding of place value.

Acquiring these important mathematical skills allows the students to advance academically and make progress towards their goal. It also motivates them to keep working towards making improvements as they gradually see what they are capable of doing.