Walking Like Dr. King

 Inequality, discrimination, and violence are issues that deeply affect many communities in Baltimore. Talking honestly and openly about these things allows people to come together and think of effective solutions that can lead to positive change. At City Springs, we believe our students should participate in these types of discussions in a classroom setting, as it creates a space for reflection and awareness about issues that affect them. Additionally, it fosters empathy, which is one of the school’s eight attributes.

In Mr. Oroke’s English and Language Arts class, students are reading the book “Dear Martin” by Nic Stone. This best-selling young adult novel explores key issues like racism and police brutality. The story centers on Justyce, an African-American boy who attends a school consisting of mostly white students. Justyce excels academically but faces different forms of racism from his classmates. He copes by writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which he discusses his experiences. Mr. Oroke’s students are using the trials that Justyce faces as an opportunity to examine their own lives and brainstorm ways to address the complex issues they face. As the students continue to work through this compelling and relevant book, they are excitedly anticipating a chance to meet the author.

Our students even got to meet Nic Stone at the Baltimore Book Festival, which took place September 28th-30th in the Inner Harbor. Ms. Stone also came to City Springs in December to discuss her work as an author!