Introducing the Guitar Club

A wise person once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” The importance of music is almost universal in human history and culture, with people in every place and time creating, performing, and sharing songs with people they love.

At City Springs, music teacher Mr. Gartrell is working hard to spread the love of music. In addition to teaching four resource classes a day, he provides individual and small group instrument lessons in the afternoons. For example, three 7th grade students make up the Guitar Club. Every Wednesday, Dashia Boone, Kayla Bazemore, and Wayne Jones meet with Mr. Gartrell to learn how to play the guitar, and they will eventually be able to take their instruments home so that they can practice outside of class.

Musical knowledge adds to academic achievement and provides students with a well-rounded skill set. The students will hopefully be able to perform and show off their skills in front of the peers by the end of the year!