Learning with Technology

City Springs’ long-term vision is to see technology integrated into the daily instructional life of the school.  We do not want technology to be a “class” that students take once a week.  Instead, we want teachers and students to use technology as a normal part of their day.  The students in Ms. Arechar’s math class are working to fulfill this vision as they transition from being a “traditional” paper-and-pencil classroom to becoming a paper-free learning space, relying mainly on their laptops for classwork and assessments. They have been using a program called Edulastic (an online assessment tool) as well as Google Forms for the majority of their work in class, drastically reducing their use of paper and increasing their use of educational technology.

The students, as well as Ms. Arechar, have had to learn to adapt to this new element of the classroom, but they are gradually getting used to the new routines and expectations. Already, they are seeing the benefits. In addition to being better for the natural environment, the new setup has helped the students with their digital organizational skills as it encourages them to get used to routines of signing in and out of their online accounts and organizing their work virtually instead of physically. Additionally, it helps to keep the classroom clean, reducing the presence of papers to keep track of and minimizes pencil usage. Stop by room 204 some time to check out our 21st century digital classroom!